Monday, March 9, 2009

So tired, but happy!

I'm so tired of being sick. For 6 weeks now it's either me or one of the children. On a positive note, although my eyes are watering and the Kleenex box is my closest friend today, I have made tremendous progress on my very first knitted project!! For that I am happy! I have finished the back of the Weasley Sweater after 3 tries. Try one was fine, until I realized with 4" left to go, that I wanted a bigger sweater for my son. The chest measurement was right, but it would have been too short to continue following that pattern. So I recast on, started again and after 2 more inches I borrowed my moms #8 circular needles to have to do the neck in round, and realized that my needles were British and not the same 8 as US 5mm/8. So because I'm a perfectionist, I frogged that attempt and re-looked through my stash of thrift store needles for a needle gauge and found a pair of unmarked bamboo needles that were the right size. So now the back is done, and I am 1/3 done the front. Dear son reassures me I will have it done in time to wear to Chinese on Thursday night for his birthday supper. I wish I could share his optimism!

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