Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Knitking AM 3

So I have read and re-read the manual. I've counted and marked each attachment. Taking a deep breath, I am about to pull out my Knitking Knitting machine. I purchased recently from my favorite online garage sale Kijiji, this vintage (original purchase in 1971) knitting machine complete with pattern wheels and ribber. (missing optional pattern wheels 2 and 2W, if you have these and want to sell them to me, leave me a comment!) I'm hoping to whip up some baby blankets and shawls to embellish with embroidery to sell. I only need to sell one or two to cover the cost I paid for the machine. It should allow me to make these larger items quickly, making it worth selling at lower prices. I'll post pictures of the finished products as I finish. I would like to make my first shawl for my Grandma T. She had one of these machines at one point, I remember peaking under a sheet to look at it when we visited. But she has always hand knitted such nice things for my children, I would love to return the favor. I was supplied with several cones of wool and a cone winder, so I have plenty of options. And I hope to crochet a lace edging around as well. Her health is stable, and she is up to short trips now and again. So she still seems to have the gumption of her old self! I pray for her comfort, that she won't be given reason to panic. The pain of death is sometimes the scariest part. I hope she won't have to experience that when her day comes. But for now, all is well, and for that we are all grateful!

All pictures were taken without the optional ribber, which completes the knitking as a double bed knitting machine

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

PS - "Clutter" does NOT mean unsanitary

I apparently need to add a post script to my previous post. By the term cluttered, I mean that life has sprawled out beyond the boundaries of available storage. I AM NOT advocating unclean, garbage filled, unsafe, unsanitary living conditions. We have no garage, no entry way, no mud room, no basement, and no attic. There are less bedrooms than there are people and our school room doubles as our kitchen (and vice versa). I run my seamstress business out of my laundry room, which I work in from 9pm - 1am. So if you visit my house, the clean pots may still be sitting on the stove, and you will have to step over some toys to get to the couch. And if you stay for lunch, just move my teachers manuals over so you don't spill on them please, I'll pile them beside the computer in the corner at supper, when we are done with them! Oh, and I'll get to the laundry on the weekend, just ignore the baskets on the way to the CLEAN bathroom.

Monday, January 19, 2009


As a homeschooling mother, I have the privilege of having three children in the house (and surrounding property!) 24/7. But because we are home all the time, the house is much more chaotic. It's not like kindergarten, where the teacher has a hard day and sends home her little pupils with a sigh of relief, and then turns around and cleans up in the quiet of her empty class room what the little angels missed or are too little to do. My students never leave. So all this must be done as they clamber into new projects, fight over the train set and I'm making meals. It's hard to keep a perfectly clean house, which has been hard for me to except. My mother kept an immaculately clean house, dusting at least once a week, vacuuming even more. Home cooked meals on the table every night, made in a spotless kitchen. Now I've never been a tidy, I've always been a bit of a messy. But I so appreciate an uncluttered house. But I just can't keep up, and I often hate having company, for fear of being judged. Out of a moment of frustration about this one day, I hibernated to my computer, and as I was searching other homeschool sites, I spotted this verse -"Where there are no oxen, the manger is empty, but from the strength of an ox comes an abundant harvest" Proverbs 114:4 NIV
I looked it up in my favored translation-
"Where no oxen are, the crib is clean, but much increase is by the strength of the ox." Proverbs 14:4 KJV

I was inspired by these verses, and here is my paraphrase, and my motto for house keeping:


Now, this is NOT to say there is not as much love in two income, public school families. But, in my position, I will never be able to take for granted that the children have been taught how to deal with life situations by anyone else. I will have to be the one that teaches them about the birds and the bees, and what to do on the internet when questionable things come up. They will not have their peers around discussing last weekends party, so I will have to make sure they know how to deal with smoking, drinking and drugs, and what those things are! But because I am in this position of being their #1 influence, I have a better chance of instilling the Christian values we have chosen to follow for this family. I read once what an advocate of Homeschooling said "With all the unsupervised time in schools,(ie group stations, over sized classes, recess, hour long lunches) do you really want your children being taught life by all their other inexperienced peers?" Homeschooling allows for 3 on one child/adult interaction. When they have a question, they are talking to someone who has experienced decision making in the adult world.

And if that is the advantage I receive, I will live with the cluttered house! It's worth it!!

Beginers Luck Multi Sock Pattern

(shown above are toddler knee sock and enlarged to size 1 jazz slipper)

Beginners Luck Multi Sock
Jazz Slipper/Crew sock/Knee sock
Size : child age 2-5
With directions for enlarging

Bernat Baby Sport – (optional 2 colors)
F hook
Stitch markers

CC- contrast color
Ch - chain
hdc – half double crochet
MC- main color
sc – single crochet
scdec – single crochet decrease
st - stitch

Notes: Pattern not completely stitched in continuous rounds but feel free to mark each row with your stitch marker to keep track.

Start MC (OR with optional CC for toe when making 2 color sock.)

Ch 3
Row 1: Sc 12 st in the 3rd ch from hook, join and ch 1 (pull ring tight)
Row 2: Sc in same st as join, sc in next 5 st, 2 sc in next st, sc in last 5 st
DO NOT join but continue in rounds.
Row3:2sc in next st, sc in next 6 st, 2sc in next st, sc in last 6 st
Row4: 2sc in next st, sc in next 7 st, 2sc in next st, sc in last 7 st
Row5: 2sc in next st, sc in next 8 st, 2sc in next st, sc in last 8 st
Row6: 2sc in next st, sc in next 9 st, 2sc in next st, sc in last 9 st
Row7: 2sc in next st, sc in next 10 st, 2sc in next st, sc in last 10 st join
(NOTE continue increasing in the same manner as above for a wider foot, but you MUST end with an even number of st between 2sc increases)

(Fasten off here if using CC and join MC)

Row 8 – 19 ch 1, then crochet evenly in the round, with no joins

(NOTE: Add extra rows here for a longer foot, should measure to front of ankle)

(Fasten off and tie in here if using CC for heel,)

Row 20: ch 1, turn work. sc across 12 st (or if you widened the toe - # of st between 2sc +2 example (toe)14 sc, 2sc in next st = Row 20: sc across 16 st)
Row 21 – 28: repeat row 20 (Note: rows may be added here if heel needs to be longer)
Row 29: ch 1, turn work. sc 5 across, scdec in st 6&7, sc in last 5 st

Fold Rows 20-29 together to form the back of the heal. sc Row 29 together down to the bottom of the sock in the fronts of each of the st only, to make a flat seam, fasten off.

(All Styles) Add in MC to the top of the sock at row 29

Row 30: ch1, sc 30 st evenly around the sock, do not join, begin working in the round

(NOTE: Socks made with a longer heel or wider toe - # of st around must be a multiple of 5)

Row 31: sc evenly around the sock
Row 32: (still working in the round,) *(sc in next 3 s, sc dec with next two st). repeat * around
Row 33: sc evenly around the sock

(Single color Jazz slipper, fasten off and tie in ends)

(To make a two color Jazz slipper, end off MC here and add CC and ch1, sc around entire sock/slipper and fasten off. Weave in all ends. Repeat directions for second slipper)

Row 34-51: sc in the round to the end of row 51

(Single color Crew socks: Join and ch 2. Working in SAME direction, hdc around sock. Fasten off and tie in ends. Repeat directions for second sock)

(To make 2 colored Crew socks, fasten off MC and add CC.
Row 52- join, ch 1,sSc all around sock, join, ch2 DO NOT turn work,
Row 53 - hdc all around sock, fasten off and tie in ends. Repeat directions for second sock)

(Knee Sock continued….)
Row 52: *(sc in next 3 st, increase 2sc in next st.) repeat * around .
Row 53-75: sc evenly in continuous round, all around sock until end of Row 75. Join.

To make Single colored Knee sock – (from join) and ch 2. Working in SAME direction, hdc around sock. Fasten off and tie in ends. Fold down top to just below knee level. Repeat directions for second sock.

To make 2 colored Knee socks- fasten off MC and add CC.
Row 76- (from join) ch 1, sc all around sock, join, ch2 DO NOT turn work,
Row 77 - hdc all around sock, fasten off and tie in ends. Fold down top to just about knee level. Repeat directions for second sock

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Entry for January 01, 2009
Entry for January 01, 2009 magnify
HAPPY NEW YEAR! It has been a quick December, with many Christmas programs and visits. We started with the childrens step dance program on the tenth, my daughters Sunday school program on the 14. The next week was spent sewing 5 toddler costumes for Mary, Joseph and 3 angels and organizing some adults for a run through of the creche scene for Christmas Sunday, which went array because of the snow storms we endured all week!
But all went well, and the creche was a complete success, using the talents of the preschoolers and their Sunday school teachers.
Many MANY crochet projects were on the plate that week, including a few Oui Petits, a Ballet bunny and a turtle for my step nieces and I am presently working on a shawl for myself. The picture above is of a top I made my daughter. I couldn't find a pattern I liked, so I made it up as I went. Not too sure what I did now, but if I find time this summer to look it over I'll try to write it out!
Christmas was great! We had an inspiring Christmas Eve service at the church (my solo music came in the day before at 4 pm, that was cutting it close!) And Christmas morning the children slept until 8am wich was great, except that I had been up until 4am! We had a wonderful day, and their seemed to be so much less Christmas stress and envy this year. I like to atribute it to the handmade holiday we had, but we really cut our budget down alot to this year. I didn't buy one thing for the children this December, shopping was done by the middle of November before the Christmas rush. And we had told the in laws we wouldn't be participating on Christmas day, so when we showed up unexpectedly, they hadn't had time to work themselves up to impress us. So it went quite well!
So heres to a New Year May there be many more blessings and the patience to endure the trials! God Bless to All!

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Entry for January 15, 2009
I am creating a new crochet pattern, toddler footed leggies! The real joy, is that you can actually make 3 styles of socks out of this one pattern. 6, if you include the fact that there are added directions for two tone colored versions! My 2 year old is wearing these to keep warm during these super cold days, eliminating the need for pants while we (still dragging on) toilet train. But these will also be perfect for when we go to Harrison Park for Winter Fest next weekend to skate and sled. The pattern is written out, and I've made 3 pairs. There are even directions for enlarging it for bigger feet, I made a pair of crew socks for myself! They are made with an F hook and Baby sport yarn, (DK will also work but is very heavy) So as soon as I get my camera going, and some feet lined up to fill them out, I will post the pattern and pictures. I'm aiming for Saturday night. Pattern will be called Beginners Luck Multi Socks - Jazz slipper/Crew sock/Knee sock. I will also post it to Ravelry

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Entry for December 07, 2008
Entry for December 07, 2008 magnify
This abacus on my arm reads 33. Picture courtesy of my 6 year old daughter!

Previouse post, December 07 ,, 2008 Abacus Bracelet

Entry for December 07, 2008
Entry for December 07, 2008 magnify
Fine and Fancy presents.....Abacus bracelet!!
Finally, and I will try to post pictures to go with!!! I put the size of bead in " " so you can choose the size you like your beads. Bracelet must be made loose so you can fit it on your arm with 9 beads on one side and 10 on the other side of your arm without cutting into you. 9 inches allows 2 extra inches total for twisting onto clasp. My bracelet complete measures 7 inches minus clasps.

3 pieces beading wire, any color each -2 are 9" long, 1 is 3 "
10 "large" beads
9 "medium" beads
12 or so small beads
1 bracelet clasp ( I used a T bar because I find it easier to put on myself)
1 charm

wire cutters
needle nose pliers (very fine)

Attach the two 9 inch wires to one end of the clasp (separately) by twisting wire around itself with the needle nose pliers

Slip on charm over both wires (this lets you know which side you have started counting from)

On one wire slip on 10 larger beads. Each of these beads have a value of ten when counting....10, 20, 30, 40 and so on.

On second wire slip on the 9 medium beads, (I chose my 9th one to be completely different so I knew without turning my arm I was at the end of the wire when counting) Each bead has a value of 1...1,2,3 - 9

Attach both 9 inch wires to the second end of the clasp.

Thread remaining small beads onto the remaining piece of wire, big enough to wrap around the two rows of beads, but small enough to only let only one big bead through and NOT a big bead ans med bead side by side. Twist end together and feed tails back through the beads to strengthen the ring. Slide onto bracelet and push over the string of beads to the middle if wearing as jewelery.

To use:

Place the ring of small beads beside the charm
As you finish a row, move one medium bead through the ring to show you have completed 1 row.
After Nine beads are placed through the ring, indicating nine rows complete - slide the nine beads BACK through the ring and slide through 1 large bead, indicating row 10 is complete. This bracelet counts up to 109 rows (or stitches if you are counting stitches, patterns if you are counting patterns etc.)


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Entry for November 26, 2008
Ok, so I really want to get the abacus bracelet on here, but I'm having trouble downloading pictures. BUT IT WILL COME! For now though, here is a cute quick stocking stuffer for kids idea! Beautiful friendship bracelets! My daughter sat on my lap this after noon and helped me make 5 of these for her friends! She held the hook with me while I held the yarn!

CHILD FRIENDSHIP BRACELET (good for girls or boys)

Small amount of cotton sport weight yarn, any color
4.5 mm crochet hook
1 wood bead or fancy charm (from dollar store I bought small gold heart charms)

Thread bead or charm onto yarn
ch 12 and push bead or charm up close to the hook, ch 12 and tie off
Leave tails so the children can tie them onto their wrist and then you can cut the excess!

12 ch fits a 6 year old and 15 an adult
picture to follow when available

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Entry for November 19, 2008
Praise God he did it again! My cousins operation went perfect. The Dr said it went as smooth as silk. She was out in about 3 hrs and they removed the entire gland and tumor with no complications what so ever. She should be allowed to go home in a couple of days! The Dr's are impressed with their work and we are all thrilled. I believe it had to do with the MASSES of people praying for her and her family. (Her parents are missionaries...they have "connections"! lol ;)

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Entry for November 13, 2008
The count down is on...November 18 my cousin (on my mothers side) goes into extensive surgery in London Ontario to remove growths on her adrenalin gland. She is a walking time bomb until the surgery is completed. She has two children and a dedicated husband and the most hectic life story of anyone I know. It will take a team of 12 doctors to do this surgery, and we are praying for every single one of them!
My Grandmother (from my fathers side) is doing fine, and is responding to radiation treatment with some pain. She still has good spirits, but of course worries more often when there is any pain. I think she worries more about being a burden to any of us in her dieing than she is of death itself. But everyone understands what she is going through in the cancer stages. She has one breast cancer survivor daughter, and a second daughter who has had an on going issue with cancer for years, and is still going to regular treatments as it has now attacked her spine.

Cancer is such a "normal" word these days we are often too distracted to think of its "prisoners" in prayer as often as we should. Why is it that we wait until there is pain and eminent death before we cry out for justice and mercy for our failing friends and family members? Why do we forget that we have a God of mercy, who can heal the sick, and then despise him when he "fails" to lift someone off their death bed? There is nothing "Fine and Fancy" about death, I've witnessed death as it happens too many times for my soul not to ache at the thought of it. But it can happen with an overwhelming sense of peace for the one that dies, when they have made their peace with God and their families.
But I am praying, that in these three instances, that God will see fit to heal these fine women, because I know they will give Him the glory, and that they will be a witness to their children, and to their children's children if He deems fit. And I will pray that he gives our families a peace of mind and comfort and the will to be survivors, if he should call them home.

Previouse post, November 7, 2008 Crochet Pixie Hat Pattern

Entry for November 07, 2008
Entry for November 07, 2008 magnify

Free Hat Pattern

Please give credit where credit is due, make these for private use or in small quantities for craft sales (and large quantities for charity!)

Double Crochet Pixie Hat
Toddler size 16 – 18”
Hook 5.0/H
1 Red Heart soft touch yarn
Ribbon for ties (optional)


ch - chain
dc – double crochet
dc/dec –double crochet decrease: begin dc going through 1 st, yarn over and pull through, go
through next st, yarn over and pull through, now having 4 loops on your hook. Yarn over
and pull through 2 loops,(this decreases 1st) and now finish your dc
hdc – half double crochet
join – join to the top of ch3
sc – single crochet
sk – skip
slst – slip stitch
st(s) – stitch(es)


ch 3 counts as a dc
Start: Make a slipknot and leave it large
Row 1: in the slipknot, ch3 (this is the 1st dc), 8 dc around and join. (9 st)
Close the slipknot.
Row 2: ch 3, 1 dc in each of previous dc, join to top ch 3(9 st)
Row 3: ch 3, dc in the same st as ch3, 2 dc in each remaining st and join. (18 st)
Row 4: ch 3, 1 dc in each st around, join to top ch 3 (18 st)
Row 5: ch 3, 1 dc in next st, *2 dc in next st, 1 dc in next 2 st. Repeat from * around and join.
(27 st)
Row 6: ch 3, 1 dc in next 2 st, *2 dc in next st, 1 dc in next 3 st. Repeat from * around and join
(36 st)
Row 7: ch 3, 1 dc in next 3 st,* 2 dc in next st, 1 dc in next 4 st. Repeat from * around and join .
(45 st)
Row 8: ch 3, 1 dc in next 4 st,* 2 dc in next st, 1 dc in next 5 st. Repeat from * around and join .
(54 st)
Row 9 -12 : ch 3, 1 dc in every st around and join. (54 st each row)
Row 13: ch 3, sk next st, 1 dc in each of the next 39st, sk next st, 1 dc in next st and turn work.
(41 st)
Row 14: ch 3, sk next st, dc in next 39 st, turn work. ( 40 st)
Row 15: ch 3, sk next st, dc in the next 13st, dc/dec , dc/dec, dc/dec, dc/dec, dc/dec, dc/dec, 1dc
in next 13 st, sk 1 st, dc in last st and turn work. (33 st)
Row 16: ch 2, 1 hdc in next st, 1 dc in next 6 st, 1hdc in next st, sc in last st and turn work.
Row 17: ch 1, sc in next st, hdc in next st, 1 dc in next 4 st, hdc in next st, sc in last st and turn
Row 18: slst around work up to the last ## st of the previous row, ch2, 1 hdc in next st, 1 dc in
next 6 st, 1hdc in next st, sc in last st and turn work .
Row 19: ch 1, sc in next st, hdc in next st, 1 dc in next 4 st, hdc in next st, sc in last st and tie off.
Finish : Weave in loose ends.
slst all the way around the hat (may use a contrasting color) and add ribbon or crochet ties or a button strap.

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Entry for November 07, 2008
NOTES FOR PIXIE HAT - My two year old is very forgiving while he sleeps! The hat is really for a 12month old, but not being in posession of a 12month old I used my little guy instead! As you see, it does fit on, but it would not make a very good winter hat for one his age, as the spaces between DC stretch and would let in the wind. But a smaller head would be just fine. I think it would be great in pink for a girl, with a green strap too look like a rose bud.

Time just moves too fast! I don't have my clock yet, but hope it will be done before Christmas! I have been busy crocheting hat orders, which I have sold on FaceBook's Buy Sell Trade pages. I have been pleasantly busy with orders. I have found the secret to counting rows and accessorizing all in one handy bracelet. Here's my something fine and fancy for the day. I have made an abacus bracelet made in red glass beads and wire from the neighborhood dollar store. It counts to 109 and looks smashing ! I would like to make one out of pearl beads as well, for those days I have two projects on the go. And I can wear them out of the house as well! I will post directions for making this bracelet (I hope this weekend). Or you can purchase these bracelets ready made by various sellers on (Shameless plug!) Just search for counters or abacus. Life is busy, and the Christmas season comes quickly in Owen Sound as the city is busy putting up all the lights for the Festival of Northern Lights, Nov 14. We live on the main rout so it's hard not to get into the spirit of things! But really, November is too early to decorate in a house full of toddlers. We have a few Angels out, and have bought a few decorations from the donation store. And I am waiting for a pattern to arrive for a crochet manger scene, because really, what good is a manger scene you can't play with!

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Entry for October 27, 2008
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I've sold 3 more hats this weekend so I must get busy hooking to get them done in a week. I have all the supplies, and need to get on a roll. But it will be a busy week, as I also have church music to sort through in planning for the Christmas Season and also the worship service for this coming Sunday. I will need to find time to sit at the piano this week, after my son and daughters regatta race, after dance lessons, pumpkin carving, Halloween, and shoebox shopping.......As we inch slowly closer to Christmas, I tempt myself to add too much on my plate. But my shopping is done, all presents are present and accounted for, waiting for their wrappings. It's mostly a home made Christmas, If I didn't make it, the gift was made by someone else or is useful for the recipient to make something out of it. I feel it's time people found hobbies that stretch their minds as well as amuses them.
Well, time is flying and is threatening to leave me behind, so I sign off to toilet train toddler #3!

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Entry for October 23, 2008
It's been a long week, lots of stresses. But there are a few bright spots worth mentioning. I have my swap partner, so I've been reading over her blogs. I've cut out my apron pattern and am ready to personalize it. I'll get it sewed together very soon. I am convinced I can make her an apron she'll be thrilled with, as a lot of her favorites are my forte's! But it won't be the apron I originally planned, as I see she has one much like it!
I have designed a new crochet Toddler Pixie Hat pattern. I'm trying to write it out and I'll need to test it. I made it in blue, but I think I will test it in pink, as it looks much like a rose bud. I may even give it green ties! Look for it to post soon.
The kids are fighting colds again,but I refuse to turn up the heat past 19 c. I'm hoping to chill the germs out of their lungs! My 6 year old daughter spent the day watching Smile of a Child tv in my room, which we get on the computer. And her two younger brothers actually got along today! And all were well enough to go to step dance lessons tonight. So the day ended well, we were all curled up in flannel jammies, under wool blankets and overstuffed pillows and closed the evening watching Bugs Life, while I "invented" with crochet. Kinda makes up for the rest of the week!

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Entry for October 20, 2008
So, I have purchased a clock! It's not quite a working clock, although it keeps good time, the Westminster chimes are off. I believe a tooth may be missing off a gear inside. So I have sent it to the Jewelery shop in Southampton for cleaning and repair. It is a true antique. It is electric with the ORIGINAL chord (read fire hazard) probably from the 1940's. But the sound of the chimes lightly ringing is amazing. I feel no sense of urgency when they ring, but it does bring me back to my tasks quickly when I have been distracted! I'm very excited to get it back, hopefully repaired. Although it will cost some money, it will be worth it! I will consider it my Christmas present to myself!
Today, I am waiting to receive my swap partner for the apron swap. I'm very excited, waiting to get started on the apron!!
Short and sweet today!
Ta Ta!

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Entry for October 08, 2008
Yucky rainy day. We all have the sniffles and the dark weather encourages us to curl up under the wool blankets and sit with the remote and waste our day away! I'll fight the urge...later! I'm planning a new sewing pattern. I want to honor my Grandma T, I have so many amazing memories to preserve! I think of it now, as she has just been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. What do you do when you hear that? ...? She is blessed to feel secure in her eternal future, she's lived an extremely full life, she won't be leaving a spouse, as my Grandpa passed many years ago. Should we not believe in time limits, because all things are in Gods hands? A diagnosis is a Dr point of view about the human body's limitations, minus the potential of God intervening . She's fighting but willing to concede at the same time if God asks her to. WOW! She has taught me half of the skills I posses. So I figure I can put some of these things into apron art! I can wear it or even hang it in my kitchen to always remind me of her! She taught me piano, how to crochet, cro-knit and tat. She and my Dad gave me a great appreciation of Gods natural design in nature. I could learn more from her about how to organize my time and to be more gentle when admonishing. She had a beautiful vintage kitchen with a work island and an old wood cook stove in a house Grandpa and her built themselves in Elk Lake Ont. that looked over the Montreal river. She is an artist, musician , photographer and baker (she decorated local wedding cakes!), and proficient at all! And has the biggest heart I know!

So, I have my apron plan in mind....I may make one for the apron swap I just joined too, so I can share some of her legacy with others! I believe the apron is a unique design, it will replicate an impromptu apron I saw Grandma T wore pinned on one time. I believe it was a table cloth!
I will post pictures and a story when I get it done!

Crochet Daisy Ribbon Hat Pattern

Entry for October 07, 2008
Entry for October 07, 2008 magnify
I find myself so distracted these days that I have trouble concentrating on crochet patterns. So I have started just making them up! I wrote out the pattern for this hat because I liked the results of this impromptu result!
This is for personal use only. Please give credit where credit is due, and link to my blog if you want to share the pattern online.

Crochet Daisy Ribbon Hat

By Charlene Tremain Morrison

Size 18-20 inches


G hook

Yarn needle

1 m – contrasting 1” ribbon

Assorted contrasting beads

Bead needle and thread

MC - main color, 1 skein Bernat Satin

CC – contrast color, small reserve of 4 ply yarn, color of desired ribbon

Notes ch 1 = 1st sc


ch - chain

dc - double crochet

sc - single crochet

sk - skip

st(s) – stitch(es)


With MC - Ch 3 and join to make ring

Row 1:ch 1, 6sc join to 1st st, pull tight

Row 2: ch 1, 2 sc in each sc around, join (12 st)

Row 3: ch 1, *2 sc in 1st st 1 sc in next, repeat from * around (18 st)

Row 4: ch 1, 2 sc in 1st st, 1 sc in next two st, repeat from * around (24 st)

Row 5: ch 1, 2 sc in 1st st, 1 sc in next three st , repeat from * around (30 st)

Row 6: ch 1, 2 sc in 1st st, 1 sc in next four st, repeat from * around (36 st)

Row 7: ch 1, 2 sc in 1st st, 1 sc in next five st, repeat from * around (42 st)

Row 8: ch 1, 2 sc in 1st st, 1 sc in next six st, repeat from * around (48 st)

Row 9: ch 1, 2 sc in 1st st, 1 sc in next seven st, repeat from * around (54 st)

Row 10: ch 1, 2 sc in 1st st, 1 sc in next eight st, repeat from * around (60 st)

Row 11: ch 1, 2 sc in 1st st, 1 sc in next nine st, repeat from * around (66 st)

Row 12: ch 1, 2 sc in 1st st, 1 sc in next ten st, repeat from * around (72 st)

Row 13: ch 1, 2sc in 1st st, 1 sc in next eleven st, repeat from * around ADDING and EXTRA 2 sc in two extra st, evenly spaced (80 st)

Row 14-25: ch 1, sc all around joining at end of rows (80 st)

Row 26: with CC join and ch 4, sk st and dc in 2nd st. *(ch 1 and sk st, dc in 2nd st) repeat from * around. Join

Row 27-28: with MC Join and sc around, join

Row 29: ch 1, *(sk st, 4 dc in 2nd st, sk st, sc in 2nd st) repeat from * around. Sl st 2 st to the center of the 1st fan.

Row 30: ch 3,(so that you see 4 ch's from hook to top of fan) join to top of next fan with a sl st, ch 3, repeat around and join to ch1.

Row 31: ch 1, *(sk st, 4 dc in 2nd st wich is the middle of the chain, sk st, sc in 2nd st which is the middle of the fan) repeat from * around. Join and tie off.

Embroider with lazy daisy stitch 5 and 6 point flowers randomly around the hat. Stitch and tie off each flower separately. Stitch with doubled thread assorted beads into the center of each flower. MAKE SURE THEY ARE VERY SECURE!!

Weave a ribbon through the row of cc dc and tie into a bow.


The picture has a ribbon with long tails as it was a gift so i didn't want to tie the ribbon too tight for the child's head. Cut the ribbon your desired length!

Previouse post: Oct 03, 2008

Entry for October 03, 2008
Well, I sit here trying not to tear up, as I start this blog to be a witness of the lives around me dealing with cancer. But this blog is not about greif or loss, but the appreciation of life it self! How I want to simplify my life and share the gifts passed on to me by my grandmothers and mom. The words of wisdom, the skills , the encouragement and the love. I will talk about my crocheting, my sewing, and my family members inspirations to me. Up front, I am a born again believer in Christ, But please don't let that scare you away from this blog...I was taught to teach by example, not banging people over the head with the Bible! As I mention the Joys or sorrows in my life, I may once in a while use terms or a view that are typically Christian, but if you disagree I please ask that you respect me and my beliefs and move on to an area on my blog that does interest you.

I am presently working around my house decluttering, trying to get back to the basics so that the lives of me and my family will be less distracted and hopefully make us more appreciative of one another.

I am looking to buy a small mantal clock that chimes on the hour, to remind us throughout the day that time has passed, and want to encourage my family to think about whether or not they have done something productive or reflective in that time. Also, to help me keep the kids on track with their homeschooling!

I started out as a tatter, and now I crochet. I’m also a seamstress, and love sewing aprons and girls dresses, and want to try crocheting some soon. I use to tat because I could keep it in my uniform pocket as a night desk nurses aid on an Alzheimer floor and no one could get poked or hurt with it. Now I crochet, so i can drop it to move my kids along in their school work as I home school (If they get hurt with the needle, they’re standing too close to the teacher!)
I have a new appreciation for aprons! I now am trying to get in the habbit of wearing one! My Grandmothers wore aprons…I honour my robust,rural, maker of everything, (and I mean everything!) grandmother in large bibbed or half aprons. I even remember some pinned to her collar when she decorated Wedding cakes! And in memory, my petite, english food making grandmother, also a farmers wife, who wore small embroidered and lacy half aprons once in a while.
I’ve just started wearing aprons. Aprons are becoming the boundaries for my kids. “When I’m in my bows….I’M BUSY!!!” It doesn’t make me June Cleaver friendly, but it allows me to get my work done with fewer interruptions, and the kids have to learn to do things for themselves, which they would learn in a formal school setting otherwise. They had no other way to tell when I was in work mode, or available for a distractions…they always aimed for the distractions! My inspiration was Apron Evangelism by Maggie !
I just started handing out Yellow cards like the refs in Soccer….working like a charm! And I keep the card in the pocket of my apron. I got tired of raising my voice above the three children to be heard.

I hope to post some of my ideas and designs from here, I crochet mostly hats and accessories, but sew anything! I especially like sewing girls dresses from vintage patterns and flower girls, but I am sewing aprons right now. I would like to try crocheting a few of these items as well!

I am a member of Ravelry .com as HatsFineandFancy. I also have a Facebook group by the same name that was for selling the hats, but am thinking of changing it into a brag page for crafters! I may start selling my hats on under the same name. Still deciding on that one!

Well, I must sign off now. But here will be the pages motto. ..

Simply Celebrate life! And into each life, bring something a little Fine and Fancy

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I am rather new to blogging, but I am not happy with my previous pages in Yahoo. So I will convert them all over to here!