Thursday, March 12, 2009

Artist Thursday

Kristin has been the princess of challenges of late! It's nice having a good reason to keep creative! She has encouraged us to share our painting. Although I dabble in water colors, I'm more of a pen and ink girl. (I embellish pen and ink with water color sometimes)I usually draw sketches for seamstress work, but I have sold a few of my "scribblings" so I guess they aren't bad. Here is one I sent to my Christmas apron swap partner Christian I've never taken pictures of my work before, so this picture is compliments of her blog (Hope you don't mind Christian!?) I made this art work for her specifically, and transferred it onto her apron as an iron on patch. I've already "borrowed" one picture, check out her blog to see the apron if you wish! ;o)

I am currently working on illustrations for a story for my daughter I wrote. We have "Make Your Own Story Night", where the children and I curl up in bed at night in the dark and tell stories to each other and we get to fill in the blanks as they leave a sentence unfinished. We start out, "Once upon a time there was a boy/girl named____________ their favorite (thing/place/ person) was ______________" and then with the filled in information by us they tell the rest of the story. I've embellished it quite a bit, but it was my daughters story I'm drawing pictures for, so I share the credit with her for it! I hope to post the story with pictures sometime in the future. It's called Teeny Tiny Tea Rose for Two. Should be fun!

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