Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dress for Dolly

I should have been house cleaning today. I should have taken a nap this afternoon, as I was up all night(really, ALL night) with two sick boys. But I am the most creative when I procrastinate! I did actually start to tackle my sewing room that has been ignored since our last baby bundle arrived almost 3 years ago. But I found a box of thrift store pillowcases and some pink ribbon, so I allowed myself to be distracted instead!!
I had bookmarked the Red Instead Blog on her pillow case dress and when I found a pure white pillow case I went to work! Here's how it turned out.......

DD loves it and wore it all afternoon, she can't wait to show it to Grandma! She wants a matching sun hat, time to dig through my patterns (Oh DEAR!)
I also had some old, REALLY old pillow cases, so I used them to make a nightgown with sleeves today to. I love the crochet lace on the bottom!

So I'm ready to tuck everyone in bed. I'll try to ignore RTH chat room so I might actually accomplish something today! But one more picture of my little model! She is reading for Awana next week!


  1. I absolutely LOVE the dress!!!

  2. Thursday was my off day, but these are adorable. I will be making some for my girls this season.