Saturday, March 14, 2009

Is life moving slower, or faster than my head is spinning?

I'm sick, or rather STILL sick with the flu. Not the messy kind but the "who wants to eat or move from bed can't breath and tired of the fever" kind. The kind you're suppose to stand in line for a flu shot in November kind that I never take because they've picked the wrong strain to inoculate against 5 years running. And I know it's been 5 years because for 5 years I have always been sick for the 12 of March, including the day I gave birth to our second child, our first son. He turned 5 on Thursday, and I did my best to give him a great day despite my physical yuckyness. His sweater is not quite done, one sleeve left to go, but it is started this morning. We spent his day decorating gluten free cupcakes with Walle candies and m&m's. We had his gifts at lunch time and ate out for Chinese for supper, We rented Kungfu Panda which we watched after pulling open a Buzz Light year pinata. All in all I think he had a pretty good day, although I snuck in many moments to veg on the couch! Yesterday my best friend since the baby carriage came from KW to visit with us. She was up for a family funeral, but made some time to see us, and the birthday boy of course! We had a great visit, we can never get enough of her! Thanks for coming Jodie! Well, the sun is shining today, and the snow is off of the sidewalks. Maybe I'll bundle myself up and drag the bikes out and inflate some tires. There's still snow on the grass, I'll pray no one wipes out! And I'm sure the fresh air will be good for my lungs! Toodles!!

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