Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Jodie!

Best Friend Jodie is having a birthday! Happy Birthday to You! The children made her a couple of little gifts to send to KW with their dad when he went down on a run last week. DS1 wanted to make something stuffed, but time and space, and the fact he isn't able to make something that intricate by himself I started putting out other ideas. Jodie LOVES to read, and has very eclectic tastes in books. So we came up with our own bookmark pattern (if I figure out how to make pdf's to share on blogs I'll post the pattern) of a giraffe. He cut out all the spots himself and between him and his sister, glued it all together. The eyes stick over the top of your book when you place it inside!

And DD made Jodie one of the pin cushions she had wanted to try. She choose out all the materials and sewed the actual flower and stuffed it. Then I embellished the leaves and sewed it all together (for this time! I want her to learn to sew the pieces together herself on the next one!) I'm very proud of the outcome. The ribbon on it actually reads happy birthday in gold sparkles! Both these projects were done in a 2 hr time span, and a lot of fun!

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