Monday, March 23, 2009

So Proud!

My Little Princess was so sweet today! The boys were napping and we made a few pincushions together. Then while I was cleaning up she asked, or rather insisted that she should start supper. She is 6, to be seven in June. She pulled out a chair and started arranging the pots for spaghetti onto the stove, took a measuring cup and filled two pots with water (we make two pots, gf rice and multi grain noodles) Added salt and then cut open the bag of hamburg and dumped in the frying pan. AND remembered to wash her hands diligently after touching meat packaging! I sat and chatted with her while she did this and answered her questions. She got out the sauce and peeled an onion with her hands (that was funny!) and dumped the pasta into the pots. I even let her turn on the elements, showing her how to do them from one side to the other so you don't get burnt reaching over a working element. She allowed me to cut the onion, open the jar of sauce and drain the noodles. But she carefully separated the meat and seasoned it when it was finished, all while carefully standing on her chair at the stove. She looked so cute in her apron and was so careful and listened so well to my directions. It took a while to cook because I kept the elements low so we wouldn't have any boil overs for her to worry about. And then she dished up everyone's plate with spaghetti and green peas (that she also cooked herself) I put the sauce on and Bon Appetit! I wish I had gotten a picture. She says every Monday will be Spaghetti night, and she'll cook. A very tempting offer! (But like she said to her brother, then she doesn't have to clear dishes!)


  1. How cute! A new little domestic goddess is born. ;)

  2. That is precious, my girls only want to bake :)