Monday, March 2, 2009

Comfort Shawl

I finished a comfort shawl on my knitting machine a few weeks ago. So I thought I would get around to posting pictures. It is a basic stockinette stitch with lace weight yarn for 600 rows. And I created a lace edge pattern of my own to edge it with. I will try to post the pattern soon. (I usually choose the 7th of the month to post patterns, I'll see if I can get it written by then!) It is for my Grandma T. She has made so many wonderful things for all her grandchildren over the years, but I wonder if any of us have ever made something for her?! It's a very simple shawl/wrap and I am including a vintage handmade beaded pin I found at the thrift store. The violet hue is perfect with the gray! I'm excited to get it to her. I hope my parents are going to see her soon. I hesitate to take it myself, as I have no where to leave my three busy beavers while I go the hour and a half distance. I'm afraid they would tire her quickly. Perhaps we can convince her to have a visit with my parents in Owen Sound soon, as she has been on day long outings since the sun has began to shine again. I am sure she would love to see us all for a short time!
I am also making a shawl wrap for myself. I purchased a bag of pure wool vintage yarn at the thrift store. 5 1/2 skeins, 4 oz each. I paid $3 for the bag, which would cost about $40 + to buy new. It is a dark gray, and I wanted to make something with a vintage feel to it. So I have created a pattern for a shawl that wraps in several fashions. The wrapping style I found on a knitted pattern called Versatility I have designed a crochet pattern with a simple cable through the middle and some puff stitches. And I intend to edge it with the same edge as my grandmothers shawl, but with the thicker yarn. I will post a pattern for this as well when I have it tested better! I am excited to finish this one for summer ( a strange time of year to need a wool shawl, I know!) It gets cold at night in some of our favorite vacation locations. I hope to wear it to chapel at Stayner when we rent a cottage this coming August. It's an old fashioned open concept tabernacle. One step above tent! I just need to decide on what color of ribbon to use. Any suggestions?


  1. The shawl is absolutely gorgeous. You've done a beautiful job with it. It will really be such a beloved gift.

    For the shawl for yourself, since you're going for a vintage feel I would go with a dark color like maroon or a cream color (which always reminds me of vintage things). :) Beautiful!

  2. It's lovely. How long did it take? And do you like the knitting machine?

  3. I LOVE my knitting machine! This was my very first project, trying to get to know the machine. I made the lt gray on the machine in 1 hour, and two days on and off to crochet the lace edge. I have so much to learn on the machine still, but I'm excited to figure it all out!