Monday, March 16, 2009

MMmmmm Etsy!

I had a package arrive for me today from LotsOpatterns on Etsy with some crafting magazines. DD wants to make pin cushions featured on the cover, to sell for camp money! I love looking at sewing and craft magazines, and am glad I posses the talent to do a lot of the projects, I just wish I actually had time! I'm also making a couple of hand made items for an up coming wedding gift. I've started making pot holders for a kitchen set, but my DD's idea of pin cushions makes me re think that I should make a vintage style sewing kit? The bride has some traditional skills, so she might enjoy it. The couple are renovating their house, so we intend to include a Home Depot gift card as well.
I also ordered some bags of quilting scraps from Sweets for my Baby, so DD and I can make a yo-yo table runner. We have one ready to sew together, but DD is ready to make more yo-yo's.
I'm a few steps closer to getting an Etsy store going myself. I'm working out a business plan and researching what the quick selling items seem to be. I'm thinking small and kit type items. Maybe even kits for some of my free patterns?
And one last crafting link....I am loving Allie's Craft Blog. She has found some great links to some really great crafting/sewing projects!

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  1. When I saw that page, in my head I thought, "everyones getting pot holders this year, except the kids". LOL!