Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Knitking AM 3

So I have read and re-read the manual. I've counted and marked each attachment. Taking a deep breath, I am about to pull out my Knitking Knitting machine. I purchased recently from my favorite online garage sale Kijiji, this vintage (original purchase in 1971) knitting machine complete with pattern wheels and ribber. (missing optional pattern wheels 2 and 2W, if you have these and want to sell them to me, leave me a comment!) I'm hoping to whip up some baby blankets and shawls to embellish with embroidery to sell. I only need to sell one or two to cover the cost I paid for the machine. It should allow me to make these larger items quickly, making it worth selling at lower prices. I'll post pictures of the finished products as I finish. I would like to make my first shawl for my Grandma T. She had one of these machines at one point, I remember peaking under a sheet to look at it when we visited. But she has always hand knitted such nice things for my children, I would love to return the favor. I was supplied with several cones of wool and a cone winder, so I have plenty of options. And I hope to crochet a lace edging around as well. Her health is stable, and she is up to short trips now and again. So she still seems to have the gumption of her old self! I pray for her comfort, that she won't be given reason to panic. The pain of death is sometimes the scariest part. I hope she won't have to experience that when her day comes. But for now, all is well, and for that we are all grateful!

All pictures were taken without the optional ribber, which completes the knitking as a double bed knitting machine

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  1. Hello there, thanks for your website, it is so good to know that there other people like me purchasing knitting machine on kijiji. I found same model last week in local thrift store, their add was posted on kijiji. I contacted them on bought it without seeing it. it was delivered to my door today. Everything like new. But one sinker was broken so I replaced it but now I am wondering where I can buy extra parts? Maybe you know where I can find more sinkers? I looked at Ebay but didn't see any parts there. Hoping you can give me advice. My email address is, will appreciate if you will answer. All the best, Esther.