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Previouse post, November 7, 2008

Entry for November 07, 2008
NOTES FOR PIXIE HAT - My two year old is very forgiving while he sleeps! The hat is really for a 12month old, but not being in posession of a 12month old I used my little guy instead! As you see, it does fit on, but it would not make a very good winter hat for one his age, as the spaces between DC stretch and would let in the wind. But a smaller head would be just fine. I think it would be great in pink for a girl, with a green strap too look like a rose bud.

Time just moves too fast! I don't have my clock yet, but hope it will be done before Christmas! I have been busy crocheting hat orders, which I have sold on FaceBook's Buy Sell Trade pages. I have been pleasantly busy with orders. I have found the secret to counting rows and accessorizing all in one handy bracelet. Here's my something fine and fancy for the day. I have made an abacus bracelet made in red glass beads and wire from the neighborhood dollar store. It counts to 109 and looks smashing ! I would like to make one out of pearl beads as well, for those days I have two projects on the go. And I can wear them out of the house as well! I will post directions for making this bracelet (I hope this weekend). Or you can purchase these bracelets ready made by various sellers on (Shameless plug!) Just search for counters or abacus. Life is busy, and the Christmas season comes quickly in Owen Sound as the city is busy putting up all the lights for the Festival of Northern Lights, Nov 14. We live on the main rout so it's hard not to get into the spirit of things! But really, November is too early to decorate in a house full of toddlers. We have a few Angels out, and have bought a few decorations from the donation store. And I am waiting for a pattern to arrive for a crochet manger scene, because really, what good is a manger scene you can't play with!

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