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Previouse post, October 27, 2008

Entry for October 27, 2008
Entry for October 27, 2008 magnify
I've sold 3 more hats this weekend so I must get busy hooking to get them done in a week. I have all the supplies, and need to get on a roll. But it will be a busy week, as I also have church music to sort through in planning for the Christmas Season and also the worship service for this coming Sunday. I will need to find time to sit at the piano this week, after my son and daughters regatta race, after dance lessons, pumpkin carving, Halloween, and shoebox shopping.......As we inch slowly closer to Christmas, I tempt myself to add too much on my plate. But my shopping is done, all presents are present and accounted for, waiting for their wrappings. It's mostly a home made Christmas, If I didn't make it, the gift was made by someone else or is useful for the recipient to make something out of it. I feel it's time people found hobbies that stretch their minds as well as amuses them.
Well, time is flying and is threatening to leave me behind, so I sign off to toilet train toddler #3!

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