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Previouse post, December 07 ,, 2008 Abacus Bracelet

Entry for December 07, 2008
Entry for December 07, 2008 magnify
Fine and Fancy presents.....Abacus bracelet!!
Finally, and I will try to post pictures to go with!!! I put the size of bead in " " so you can choose the size you like your beads. Bracelet must be made loose so you can fit it on your arm with 9 beads on one side and 10 on the other side of your arm without cutting into you. 9 inches allows 2 extra inches total for twisting onto clasp. My bracelet complete measures 7 inches minus clasps.

3 pieces beading wire, any color each -2 are 9" long, 1 is 3 "
10 "large" beads
9 "medium" beads
12 or so small beads
1 bracelet clasp ( I used a T bar because I find it easier to put on myself)
1 charm

wire cutters
needle nose pliers (very fine)

Attach the two 9 inch wires to one end of the clasp (separately) by twisting wire around itself with the needle nose pliers

Slip on charm over both wires (this lets you know which side you have started counting from)

On one wire slip on 10 larger beads. Each of these beads have a value of ten when counting....10, 20, 30, 40 and so on.

On second wire slip on the 9 medium beads, (I chose my 9th one to be completely different so I knew without turning my arm I was at the end of the wire when counting) Each bead has a value of 1...1,2,3 - 9

Attach both 9 inch wires to the second end of the clasp.

Thread remaining small beads onto the remaining piece of wire, big enough to wrap around the two rows of beads, but small enough to only let only one big bead through and NOT a big bead ans med bead side by side. Twist end together and feed tails back through the beads to strengthen the ring. Slide onto bracelet and push over the string of beads to the middle if wearing as jewelery.

To use:

Place the ring of small beads beside the charm
As you finish a row, move one medium bead through the ring to show you have completed 1 row.
After Nine beads are placed through the ring, indicating nine rows complete - slide the nine beads BACK through the ring and slide through 1 large bead, indicating row 10 is complete. This bracelet counts up to 109 rows (or stitches if you are counting stitches, patterns if you are counting patterns etc.)


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