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Previouse post, October 23, 2008

Entry for October 23, 2008
It's been a long week, lots of stresses. But there are a few bright spots worth mentioning. I have my swap partner, so I've been reading over her blogs. I've cut out my apron pattern and am ready to personalize it. I'll get it sewed together very soon. I am convinced I can make her an apron she'll be thrilled with, as a lot of her favorites are my forte's! But it won't be the apron I originally planned, as I see she has one much like it!
I have designed a new crochet Toddler Pixie Hat pattern. I'm trying to write it out and I'll need to test it. I made it in blue, but I think I will test it in pink, as it looks much like a rose bud. I may even give it green ties! Look for it to post soon.
The kids are fighting colds again,but I refuse to turn up the heat past 19 c. I'm hoping to chill the germs out of their lungs! My 6 year old daughter spent the day watching Smile of a Child tv in my room, which we get on the computer. And her two younger brothers actually got along today! And all were well enough to go to step dance lessons tonight. So the day ended well, we were all curled up in flannel jammies, under wool blankets and overstuffed pillows and closed the evening watching Bugs Life, while I "invented" with crochet. Kinda makes up for the rest of the week!

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