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Previouse post, October 20, 2008

Entry for October 20, 2008
So, I have purchased a clock! It's not quite a working clock, although it keeps good time, the Westminster chimes are off. I believe a tooth may be missing off a gear inside. So I have sent it to the Jewelery shop in Southampton for cleaning and repair. It is a true antique. It is electric with the ORIGINAL chord (read fire hazard) probably from the 1940's. But the sound of the chimes lightly ringing is amazing. I feel no sense of urgency when they ring, but it does bring me back to my tasks quickly when I have been distracted! I'm very excited to get it back, hopefully repaired. Although it will cost some money, it will be worth it! I will consider it my Christmas present to myself!
Today, I am waiting to receive my swap partner for the apron swap. I'm very excited, waiting to get started on the apron!!
Short and sweet today!
Ta Ta!

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