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Previouse post, November 13, 2008

Entry for November 13, 2008
The count down is on...November 18 my cousin (on my mothers side) goes into extensive surgery in London Ontario to remove growths on her adrenalin gland. She is a walking time bomb until the surgery is completed. She has two children and a dedicated husband and the most hectic life story of anyone I know. It will take a team of 12 doctors to do this surgery, and we are praying for every single one of them!
My Grandmother (from my fathers side) is doing fine, and is responding to radiation treatment with some pain. She still has good spirits, but of course worries more often when there is any pain. I think she worries more about being a burden to any of us in her dieing than she is of death itself. But everyone understands what she is going through in the cancer stages. She has one breast cancer survivor daughter, and a second daughter who has had an on going issue with cancer for years, and is still going to regular treatments as it has now attacked her spine.

Cancer is such a "normal" word these days we are often too distracted to think of its "prisoners" in prayer as often as we should. Why is it that we wait until there is pain and eminent death before we cry out for justice and mercy for our failing friends and family members? Why do we forget that we have a God of mercy, who can heal the sick, and then despise him when he "fails" to lift someone off their death bed? There is nothing "Fine and Fancy" about death, I've witnessed death as it happens too many times for my soul not to ache at the thought of it. But it can happen with an overwhelming sense of peace for the one that dies, when they have made their peace with God and their families.
But I am praying, that in these three instances, that God will see fit to heal these fine women, because I know they will give Him the glory, and that they will be a witness to their children, and to their children's children if He deems fit. And I will pray that he gives our families a peace of mind and comfort and the will to be survivors, if he should call them home.

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