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Previouse post, October 08, 2008

Entry for October 08, 2008
Yucky rainy day. We all have the sniffles and the dark weather encourages us to curl up under the wool blankets and sit with the remote and waste our day away! I'll fight the urge...later! I'm planning a new sewing pattern. I want to honor my Grandma T, I have so many amazing memories to preserve! I think of it now, as she has just been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. What do you do when you hear that? ...? She is blessed to feel secure in her eternal future, she's lived an extremely full life, she won't be leaving a spouse, as my Grandpa passed many years ago. Should we not believe in time limits, because all things are in Gods hands? A diagnosis is a Dr point of view about the human body's limitations, minus the potential of God intervening . She's fighting but willing to concede at the same time if God asks her to. WOW! She has taught me half of the skills I posses. So I figure I can put some of these things into apron art! I can wear it or even hang it in my kitchen to always remind me of her! She taught me piano, how to crochet, cro-knit and tat. She and my Dad gave me a great appreciation of Gods natural design in nature. I could learn more from her about how to organize my time and to be more gentle when admonishing. She had a beautiful vintage kitchen with a work island and an old wood cook stove in a house Grandpa and her built themselves in Elk Lake Ont. that looked over the Montreal river. She is an artist, musician , photographer and baker (she decorated local wedding cakes!), and proficient at all! And has the biggest heart I know!

So, I have my apron plan in mind....I may make one for the apron swap I just joined too, so I can share some of her legacy with others! I believe the apron is a unique design, it will replicate an impromptu apron I saw Grandma T wore pinned on one time. I believe it was a table cloth!
I will post pictures and a story when I get it done!

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