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HAPPY NEW YEAR! It has been a quick December, with many Christmas programs and visits. We started with the childrens step dance program on the tenth, my daughters Sunday school program on the 14. The next week was spent sewing 5 toddler costumes for Mary, Joseph and 3 angels and organizing some adults for a run through of the creche scene for Christmas Sunday, which went array because of the snow storms we endured all week!
But all went well, and the creche was a complete success, using the talents of the preschoolers and their Sunday school teachers.
Many MANY crochet projects were on the plate that week, including a few Oui Petits, a Ballet bunny and a turtle for my step nieces and I am presently working on a shawl for myself. The picture above is of a top I made my daughter. I couldn't find a pattern I liked, so I made it up as I went. Not too sure what I did now, but if I find time this summer to look it over I'll try to write it out!
Christmas was great! We had an inspiring Christmas Eve service at the church (my solo music came in the day before at 4 pm, that was cutting it close!) And Christmas morning the children slept until 8am wich was great, except that I had been up until 4am! We had a wonderful day, and their seemed to be so much less Christmas stress and envy this year. I like to atribute it to the handmade holiday we had, but we really cut our budget down alot to this year. I didn't buy one thing for the children this December, shopping was done by the middle of November before the Christmas rush. And we had told the in laws we wouldn't be participating on Christmas day, so when we showed up unexpectedly, they hadn't had time to work themselves up to impress us. So it went quite well!
So heres to a New Year May there be many more blessings and the patience to endure the trials! God Bless to All!