Monday, January 19, 2009

Previouse post, January 15, 2009

Entry for January 15, 2009
I am creating a new crochet pattern, toddler footed leggies! The real joy, is that you can actually make 3 styles of socks out of this one pattern. 6, if you include the fact that there are added directions for two tone colored versions! My 2 year old is wearing these to keep warm during these super cold days, eliminating the need for pants while we (still dragging on) toilet train. But these will also be perfect for when we go to Harrison Park for Winter Fest next weekend to skate and sled. The pattern is written out, and I've made 3 pairs. There are even directions for enlarging it for bigger feet, I made a pair of crew socks for myself! They are made with an F hook and Baby sport yarn, (DK will also work but is very heavy) So as soon as I get my camera going, and some feet lined up to fill them out, I will post the pattern and pictures. I'm aiming for Saturday night. Pattern will be called Beginners Luck Multi Socks - Jazz slipper/Crew sock/Knee sock. I will also post it to Ravelry

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