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Previouse post, November 26, 2008

Entry for November 26, 2008
Ok, so I really want to get the abacus bracelet on here, but I'm having trouble downloading pictures. BUT IT WILL COME! For now though, here is a cute quick stocking stuffer for kids idea! Beautiful friendship bracelets! My daughter sat on my lap this after noon and helped me make 5 of these for her friends! She held the hook with me while I held the yarn!

CHILD FRIENDSHIP BRACELET (good for girls or boys)

Small amount of cotton sport weight yarn, any color
4.5 mm crochet hook
1 wood bead or fancy charm (from dollar store I bought small gold heart charms)

Thread bead or charm onto yarn
ch 12 and push bead or charm up close to the hook, ch 12 and tie off
Leave tails so the children can tie them onto their wrist and then you can cut the excess!

12 ch fits a 6 year old and 15 an adult
picture to follow when available

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