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Entry for October 03, 2008
Well, I sit here trying not to tear up, as I start this blog to be a witness of the lives around me dealing with cancer. But this blog is not about greif or loss, but the appreciation of life it self! How I want to simplify my life and share the gifts passed on to me by my grandmothers and mom. The words of wisdom, the skills , the encouragement and the love. I will talk about my crocheting, my sewing, and my family members inspirations to me. Up front, I am a born again believer in Christ, But please don't let that scare you away from this blog...I was taught to teach by example, not banging people over the head with the Bible! As I mention the Joys or sorrows in my life, I may once in a while use terms or a view that are typically Christian, but if you disagree I please ask that you respect me and my beliefs and move on to an area on my blog that does interest you.

I am presently working around my house decluttering, trying to get back to the basics so that the lives of me and my family will be less distracted and hopefully make us more appreciative of one another.

I am looking to buy a small mantal clock that chimes on the hour, to remind us throughout the day that time has passed, and want to encourage my family to think about whether or not they have done something productive or reflective in that time. Also, to help me keep the kids on track with their homeschooling!

I started out as a tatter, and now I crochet. I’m also a seamstress, and love sewing aprons and girls dresses, and want to try crocheting some soon. I use to tat because I could keep it in my uniform pocket as a night desk nurses aid on an Alzheimer floor and no one could get poked or hurt with it. Now I crochet, so i can drop it to move my kids along in their school work as I home school (If they get hurt with the needle, they’re standing too close to the teacher!)
I have a new appreciation for aprons! I now am trying to get in the habbit of wearing one! My Grandmothers wore aprons…I honour my robust,rural, maker of everything, (and I mean everything!) grandmother in large bibbed or half aprons. I even remember some pinned to her collar when she decorated Wedding cakes! And in memory, my petite, english food making grandmother, also a farmers wife, who wore small embroidered and lacy half aprons once in a while.
I’ve just started wearing aprons. Aprons are becoming the boundaries for my kids. “When I’m in my bows….I’M BUSY!!!” It doesn’t make me June Cleaver friendly, but it allows me to get my work done with fewer interruptions, and the kids have to learn to do things for themselves, which they would learn in a formal school setting otherwise. They had no other way to tell when I was in work mode, or available for a distractions…they always aimed for the distractions! My inspiration was Apron Evangelism by Maggie !
I just started handing out Yellow cards like the refs in Soccer….working like a charm! And I keep the card in the pocket of my apron. I got tired of raising my voice above the three children to be heard.

I hope to post some of my ideas and designs from here, I crochet mostly hats and accessories, but sew anything! I especially like sewing girls dresses from vintage patterns and flower girls, but I am sewing aprons right now. I would like to try crocheting a few of these items as well!

I am a member of Ravelry .com as HatsFineandFancy. I also have a Facebook group by the same name that was for selling the hats, but am thinking of changing it into a brag page for crafters! I may start selling my hats on under the same name. Still deciding on that one!

Well, I must sign off now. But here will be the pages motto. ..

Simply Celebrate life! And into each life, bring something a little Fine and Fancy

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