Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vintage Find: Spool Caddy

It's officially spring when we make our first trip of the year out to the Keady Market (close to Tara, Ontario) Last Tuesday we had a wonderful day out at the market with my parents and the children, looking at flowers for grandma's flower beds, browsing the vendors, and sitting in the cattle auction. I didn't buy much, in fact only one item. But OH What and item! It is a sewing spool caddy. And each level spins Lazy Susan. I am in love with this vintage piece and might have been willing to pay more than the $12 I did hand over for it. It is my new sewing friend! I am contemplating turning the little cup on the top into a pin cushion, although it might be useful to hold the machine bobins in, still undecided on that yet.

I am working on the tutorial for the doll head (this post is me procrastinating) It is requiring me to make a few diagrams in the windows draw program to help explain the process. I hope to finish soon to get it up for you all!