Saturday, May 23, 2009

Part One: Make a Dolly!

Whooooosh......That is the sound of time getting away from me! But here is Part one of doll making!

Doll Pattern, such as this one
Cotton knit (or lycra knit if you don't care about it being made of all natural fiber), such as you find for bathing suit lining, in your choice of skin tone.
Cotton floss for mouth (and optional eyes)
all purpose sewing thread, skin tone color
Quilting or heavy duty all purpose thread, skin tone color
one neutral colored Bamboo stocking (or nylon if you're not going natural)
Stuffing ( I use a corn based eco friendly stuffing from Walmart)
Wool for hair
Crochet hook
1 long beading needle ( at least 3 inches) or doll needle
Pencil (mechanical works best) or marking chalk pencil

Cutting out your doll
To make a doll like mine, she needs to be made from 2 pieces. The average doll made his way is sewn around the head and left open at the side for stuffing.
BUT for this doll, you will extend the top of the head by 2 inches and sew all the way around, leaving the head open for stuffing

So, cut out your doll and sew her up. Snip the curves carefully but not all the way to the stitches. Turn her inside out and pop put all the seams. Use a large end crochet hook to pop out the thumbs and heals if you need, but be careful not to stretch the fabric too much or you will break the thread (The fabric stretches much more than the thread. Also remember this when you stuff the doll)

Start stuffing the doll, legs first. Pack it as hard or as soft as you desire, but be careful not to strain the seams. Pack up to the top of her leg and stop. Using your quilting thread, cut off a long piece and double it on your needle.

Jointing Your Doll:
I like this style better than plastic joints, as the doll hangs more natural baby like.
Knot the end of the thread 4" up from the bottom. Take on stitch at the top of the leg and then wrap the thread around at least 5 times, cinching the stuffing into the leg. Knot tightly and then pass the thread through to the other side of the leg and cut. thread the 4" tail and pass it through the leg as well and snip.
Repeat this process with the other leg and both arms.

Stuff the body up to the neck and set aside

Thus ends Part one. Part Two will be "Forming the head and face, body sculpting" Part Three will be "WIGS"

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