Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hand Print of God

One Look around with your eyes wide open reveals the amazing handy work of God. The smell of wet earth in spring. The bright colors in the flowers of summer. The crisp dried leaves of fall. And the breath of fresh, cold air in winter white splendor.
God takes time to make this world a beautiful place for human kind to live. No matter how much bad we see in the world, when we look at nature we all marvel at how perfect it seems. Creation is Gods fingerprint. It's what God leaves for us to marvel at, despite the destruction brought on through mans sin. It is proof that God is with us to share Love and Joy and Life.
It's kind of like when my mom would make chocolate chip cookies. When I came home from school, I could smell the melted chocolate from the door. Even though I hadn't actually watched my mom make the cookies, I knew she had because they were the same shape and size as her hand. And I could smell the freshness of the ingredients hanging in the kitchen. And often they were still warm, cooling on the cooling racks.
Mom loved us all enough to make us something that would please us. And although I've always loved my mom, I always felt an extra surge of appreciation and love for her, for taking the time to think about me!
Sometimes our physical eyes are open, but our spiritual eyes are not. We don't always see how much God is giving us, and how much he is showing His love to us. We reach out and take what the world conveniently offers us, like reaching for a bag of store bought cookies, not bothering to check the cookie jar for home made. We don't always see how much God is giving us, and how much He is showing His love to us.
We need to stop and smell the roses, kiss a baby, and then come home and tell our mothers just how much we love them for the God given gift of love they share with us!

- Thank you for your gift of love to us, that we might share love to others.


c CEJTM 2009

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