Monday, May 25, 2009

To Ad or not to Ad

I really don't admire the distraction of adds on a blog side bar. 10 adds in neon flashing colors asking me to trust their company as my best option for products?! I don't even have cable, or buy magazines, because of all the ads.
BUT!! I do believe in promoting things you believe in, and from people you trust. So you will notice I have two buttons on my left side bar. FOFDesign and Mom pack.

Mom pack is a requirement for being a part of the group. I usually don't like being told what to do, but I love their group concept. It's moms helping moms in their home based incomes. And that's something I can get behind! You can send out your advertising to various other moms who will include it in showcases, info packs, guest packs, shipping orders etc.

FOFDesigns is my personal choice to add. It's a new company started by a wonderful mom and aquaintance of mine! (Her husband was best man at our wedding!) I believe there are several readers of this blog who would appreciate her services. She designs announcement tools with your photos. From book marks to thankyou cards for your weddings, births and hollidays. Carissa is also an accomplished artist who will also draw portraits from your photo's. Beautiful examples are posted at her site. So please have a look around, and if you are inspired, pass her link on to others who would be interested too!

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