Saturday, March 13, 2010

Remeber this house?

It has a tenant........

This is Josie, (wait...DD flip flops with several more ideas)...Twinkles, our newest pet. She is a African Pygmy Hedgehog 

Isn't she cute!

And so much quieter than a hamster, less stinky than a rabbit, caged unlike a cat and doesn't require a leash to walk outside like a dog. She is 11 months old, and I found her through Kijiji for less than half what you would pay at a pet store with the cage included.  She eats cat food and meal-worms and is also litter trained in her cage. She loves baths and playing with her tinkle ball and dinky cars. She uses a blanket for the lining of her cage (so no pine shavings!)  And loves to hide in the Little House when she is roaming around the living room.
Welcome Josie Twinkles!

(UH Oh ....Grumpy Josie is more Prickle than Twinkle!)

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