Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"It's Spring!" Table pond

I am packing, and sorting and tossing and packing more boxes.  I am moving to the other side of town in 3 weeks.  We are all very excited about the move, and the children are active participants in the tossing and sorting process. My oldest son is very excited about simplifying life and removing clutter and excess toys. But with so many little helpers, sometimes I need a break! So Grandma and Grandpa have been great helpers, coming and keeping them busy and taking them out on excursions. 
Today they spent an hour at the library together, and then came back to the house for a bike ride around the block.  They stopped often and picked up many spring treasures to fill their pockets.  I was presented with a large handful of Spring gifts when they returned.
So we put them all together with a few added pieces from their shell collection and placed them in a pan of shallow water to keep the crocuses  fresh. The two oldest then  had fun blowing bubbles into the water. It's a beautiful center piece! I wish I could get outside more to enjoy these sunny days, but I didn't mind them bringing a bit of it in for me to enjoy later. :o)

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