Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Head Cover

(Pardon my frown, I am squinting at the camera's view finder!)

I designed myself a head cover, and my friends love it! Can you see the Star of David on the brim?
It is essentially a snood or slouch hat, made with the mathematics of this pattern, with ties that are a part of the brim that tighten the cap just the way you want made with this technique . I am having difficulty writing out the pattern though. I have the techniques down, I have made 2 of these. but the wording isn't coming to me.  I may have to break down and chart this one. So for now, look and admire :o)

If you REALLY really want one, go to my Etsy and click Request a custom order. (I have two on order already!)


  1. I love this. :) it really caught my eye on the RTH group too! :)

  2. Translation:Excellent article is the reason I stay ~ ....