Friday, March 5, 2010

A Light Hearted Look at Real Life

Review of a book by Patsy Clairmont

“Life is textured”, and Patsy Clairmont adds her own unique texture to life in her book Kaleidoscope. I received an advanced copy from, and really enjoyed this light hearted look at life. It is a  book about Proverbs, covering a wide range of life topics in a colorful way that really does reflect the lives of women everywhere. Just like a Kaleidoscope.
It is like a “girls night out” that you read, which also makes it the perfect book for a group of moms, business women, grandmas, sisters or knitting groups to read together. The topics are all great conversation starters and I enjoyed the Bits and Pieces at the end of each chapter. Patsy Clairmont gave questions that sometimes required me to reach into my inner depth to answer. One minute I was reading and chuckling, or nodding my head in agreement, and then I would get to the Bits an Pieces and Miss Honesty and Ms. Reality who were sitting at my side would speak up and make me think harder about the scripture Patsy had chosen for each chapter and how that applied to my everyday, color filled life.
“Tomorrow is already full, but we didn't pack it.” But are we ready to deal with what will come in our day? If you wanted to put a theme on this book, it would be “Words”. Patsy Clairmont encourages readers in this book to consider their words and how they affect others. Are we puffed up with pride? Do we invoke fear? Are we a fool? Or are we speaking with love, humbleness and meekness. And have we learned how and when it is best to shut our mouths? How we react and the words we use to others in times of our own struggles and winning accomplishments will affect how people view us when life returns to “normal” and we are looking around for our friends. If I may quote from the book in Chapter 3: Custom fit-
“ …..words can be like a fitted garment because hen they have been measured out in such a way that they hang correctly on the recipient, when they have been fashioned from the heart and designed to add value, they become a priceless addition to the wardrobe of others.”
I felt challenged myself to pay more attention to my choice of words, that at times when I need to learn to forgive and let go, I need to make sure my words and actions reflect that to others as well.

March 2010

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