Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thinking Spring!

I'm enjoying reading this blog The Handmade Dress and she has a wonderful tutorial where we picked our tree project! The children loved putting this together. I cut out the leaves and sewed together our flowers, and they went happy with the glue and sticking them on all the branches. We used every day white glue, but I would suggest a quick dry. Although I love crochet (obviously!) my daughter wanted fabric flowers, which for time reasons, I was more than happy to oblige. I cut out a set of double leaves (think figure 8) and one medium sized flower in pink, a small flower in white, and added a flower shaped sequin and a seed bead for the center. After sewing all layers together, and to keep them from looking 2D, I ran a gathering stitch in a 1cm circle around the bottom of the flowers and pulled tight before knotting the thread. My daughter calls this the Cherry Blossom Tree! We added pink and purple plastic "marbles" to our vase and the rocks are inspiration rocks with words like Trust and Laughter and Love on them.

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  1. Oh... it turned out just lovely! The flowers are precious!