Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gluten Free Life

I've decided to add some posts on Celiac cooking to this blog, as that is a big part of our life at home.
My two youngest, boys,are gluten intolerant. I put them under the Celiac category myself, as I refuse to put them on wheat again just so I can prove it to a Doctor. 6 months of excruciating pain from abdominal cramps, and diarrhea and crying from it all, I don't think so! I had no help from the Dr. when they were babies, he said Dear Son #1 just had a bad temperament and under developed stomach. I was so fed up with his symptoms I started my own searching and found he had 11 of 12 symptoms of Celiac, mentioned it to my husbands grandma and she said it runs in the family! I made an appointment with the Dr and they wouldn't take me for over 6 weeks, so I started dear son #1 on the diet myself, and watched him gain weight and start talking in full sentences, until then he had only been able to babble unintelligibly, and yet he was almost 3. (The Dr said not to worry, they'd work with him when he started school!? I asked how that would work since I was homeschooling, he didn't know!)My son had symptoms of autism, extended, knowledgeable family members thought I should also have his hearing checked as well as the autism angel and I'm sure that is what the Doctor intended to look into diagnosing next. I knew he could hear, because he could follow specific requests, such as pick up the blue ball. But all those symptoms for him disappeared, except for some social issues. He screamed constantly from the day he was born, and we always tried so hard to give him what we thought he needed or wanted to try to quiet him. So some discipline was in order, now that the pain was gone and he could talk to ask for what he needed or wanted. It's still a work in progress, but he is coming out of that shell and starting to get along with his brother and sister and learning not to be so demanding.
Dear son # 2 displayed the same symptoms, but because I was aware, he had a very happy babyhood, although he still needs to learn the consequences of eating the wrong food. He ate a regular hamburg bun from the fridge the other day and spent three days miserably, needing diapers and in pain. 90% of the food in the house is safe for them to eat, but my husband and daughter prefer "real" bread.
So I would like to start adding my recipes here, to help others who struggle with this intolerance. It's a crazy intolerance to deal with without support. You actually go into wheat withdraw, much like a drug addiction. You feel horrible physically, as your body craves it. And then there is often depression, because there is so much food you can't eat, and it makes you withdraw socially as well, since most social outings include food. It was easier to do with such small children because they hadn't years of wheat built up in their bodies to flush out. But even my almost 5 year old gets frustrated once in a while when he can't eat everything I can. We are also dairy free and nut free, (as he is also allergic to tree nuts), but we still use some cheeses. Hard ones such as cheddar and mozzarella and Parmesan appear tolerable, so you will see them in recipes I post. Other wise we use rice milk, but you an sub skim milk.
And any recipes posted can also be made with regular ingredients such as all purpose flour, milk and regular brown sugar (we use cane sugar) I hope you see something you enjoy!

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