Monday, February 16, 2009

Photo Sleuth Exhibit at Grey Roots Museum

Today we went to the Grey Roots Museum and archive for a free family day! They had a wonderful I SPY scavenger hunt and a Chinese art collection from the ROM and my favorite, Photo Sleuths, with a dress up area and a photo studio! The last picture is of my Great Great grandparents Owen and Fanny Showel(nee Wriggly, and yes the "gum" family!) Their picture is part of a permanent collection which tributes the founders of Grey County. The children came home worn out, and I with laryngitis! But it was a wonderful day!

A quick note on the straight faces... At the museum we learned that portrait subjects had to sit still for as long as 30 min for a picture to be taken. Therefore, subjects would lean on furniture and not smile, as a smile is harder to hold. That is why we chose not to smile broadly (if at all)in these sepia photos, trying to make them look historical.

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