Friday, April 23, 2010

Top 5

Top 5 Things I would have rather done today.....

5. Unpack the new house
4.Play at the park with the children
3.Sit under a tree and read a book
2.taken a nap
1. Ride bikes with the children around the new neighborhood

Why I didn't.......

5. Had to finish the last load and cleaning of the old house
4. see #5
3. It was a bit too cold, and see #5
2. I had unload the last of the boxes from our trucks and stack in the basement in the afternoon
1. My NEW bike developed a clank and had to go to the shop ( and see #2)

BUT the old house is empty and I never have to go back! So really all is well. I can't wait until the boxes are gone and I can show off the new nest!