Friday, April 9, 2010


Dear left-over Butter Cream Chocolate Fudge Icing

You are so inspirational (swooon) You made for a wonderful snack of living room smores with DD when we snuck downstairs when her brothers were asleep for our own movie night.

And as I eyed your remains in the bowl, (the product of a great deal of will power on my behalf) I saw visions of rocky road fudge sweetness for dessert tomorrow.

You made a beautiful friendship with that sad little jar of chunky peanut butter that no one would finish, and the handful of mini marshmallows who didn’t have anywhere else to go to. And I have tucked you into the fridge for the night. I look forward to seeing you in the morning.
(hand raised in scouts honor) But I won’t disturb you until after we have all eaten our morning oatmeal ;o)

(copied from a post I made at RTH) 

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