Saturday, April 18, 2009


500 Viewers!

It's time for a give away! The lucky winner of the pin cushion is Liz, for commenting on the 500th viewer mark. Congratulations!
I have decided that for every 500 views I will have a give away that pertains to my favorite things for the senses. This first one is sight. I love to see happy families and nurturing parents. I love to see children in heirloom clothes looking like angels. I love the thought of a romp in a garden on a sunny Sunday afternoon. So this giveaway reflects that to me.
I will be giving away a handmade 16 inch baby doll, dressed in heirloom style clothes but easy for a little hands to play with. Made in the style of Waldorf, it is made of a cotton Lycra knit body and stuffed with an eco-friendly fiber derived form the corn plant. The hair is wool and the face is stitched in cotton threads. The hair will be twisted into a front curl for a boy or a ribbon pony tail for a girl. Here is a picture of my daughters doll, with a sculpted and acrylic painted face. I will make a custom doll for the winner, either with the painted face for age 7 and up, or simple needle sculpted sewn face for 1 and up. The doll will have it's own set of clothes and a cloth diaper. The doll can wear real infant clothes, so even if you don't have a little one to share with, you can dress it to keep as a collectible.
And for the entire family's enjoyment, I will also send a bouquet of flowers FTD to grace your home! The contest runs until April 30 2009


1. Leave a comment and in your comment, tell me what your favorite sight to see thing is. Make sure I have a way to contact you with a link to a blog or facebook, if you choose anonymous, make sure you leave your full name and check back here to see if you have won

2. Follow my blog - click on "follow blog" and be entered a second time! Or let me know that I'm already on your blog roll :)

3. Post a link to the giveaway on your own blog or facebook or twitter etc, and let me know that you have and I'll enter you a third time!

4. Check out my Etsy store and tell me what your favorite item is on my site, feel free to mark me as a favorite! 1 more entry

5. Purchase from my Etsy store and mention this giveaway in the payment instructions and I will send you a free flower pin cushion with your order and enter you 3 MORE TIMES!

NOTE: I can only send Flowers to Canadian and USA destinations, I'm so sorry to internationals.


  1. My favorite sight to see is new babies. Since having my own, I feel how special they are and their innocence is just wonderful. They have so much in front of them.

  2. Ooh, fun! I think my favorite thing to see is the sky. How it's always there but always different. I love it filled with floofy clouds on a warm spring day, and how it turns an eerie shade of red right before a tornado storm. I love its stars and meteorite showers at night, and how when you're on an airplane on a rainy day, you can look out the window and see rainbows everywhere.

    I think I've actually come across your etsy shop before, it looks familiar. Everything is so cute, especially those pincushions! We had lots of those little pails when I was a kid, they really can be used for so many things, though I've never seen one as a pincushion. Very clever!

    I don't really "follow" blogs, but your blog is cute, so I shall link to it on my blog list so I can come back for a visit. You should totally sell those dolls in your etsy shop. They're super cute!


  3. This is awesome Charlene! My favorite sight (to see) would have to be my children... no matter when, where, how, why etc. Love my babies!

    I'll be posting something to facebook - do you have an account? If so, feel free to dd me. I'm 'following you' now. :)

    My favorite item in your store is the Lady wearing the long dress fashion art piece. Love it!
    Hope I remembered everything...


  4. For the record, MysticStormy has 7 entries!

  5. What fun:

    1. Right now my favorite sight to see is my boys, really loving my 4year old and his new glasses and my 9 week olds new smile.

    2. Following your blog

    3. I am posting a link today.

    4. Love those pail pincushions.
    jwagner3 at twcny dot rr dot com

  6. I could see some lucky young girl carrying that doll around everywhere!

    The answer to what my favorite sight is would probably change everytime it's asked; there are so many wonderful things to choose from. For now I'm going to say the laugh lines around my husband's eyes.

    I doubt it'll bring you much extra traffic, but I posted about your grand opening celebration on my blog today. I'm also on your followers list.

    I'll be checking back with interest as you add more items to your etsy store. It looks great already! I think I like the pail pincushions best too; they're a great combination of practicality and prettiness.

  7. My favourite sight to see is the Canada geese flying north, because it means spring is coming. Oh, and the first robin of the year is a real treat, too. -Kate64 from Ravelry.

  8. Kate 64 again. I am following your blog, and my favourite item in your shop is the do rags, but I do wish you'd make them adult sized (big head adult sized). I have no living daughters, but I would wear one!

  9. Hi! It's ta2dl8ebug from Rav. My favorite site to see is something I've just recently started to notice. It's my son's yawn. When he yawns he becomes the most innocent, vulnerable and open, and it reminds me so much how much he needs me, and will always need me. I love seeing him yawn, pure and simple.