Friday, April 10, 2009

Pattern Central Station

It's been a long day and it's barely 4 pm. We had a lovely Good Friday service at the beach church today, where I successfully sang a solo. It's a lengthy drive and the warm sun through the van windows makes for a sleepy family!

DD is so excited about starting up a store on Etsy though, so instead of napping with the boys this afternoon, I spent it drafting patterns at the kitchen table. I have noticed that the average toddler pair of pants has belt loops, but try finding a belt to match! So DD and I have designed two belts, a buckle style and a doo-rag tie on style that even sports a pocket to hold toddlers treasures! In the process of cutting out pratice pieces we discovered that the sash belt when too short makes a very pleasant headband or neck tie scarf! So keep your eyes open for some interesting creations from us


  1. What a cute little site! I am not very good on the sewing end so its nice to find people like yourself that is. I am pretty good at accessories however. Here is a question I would like to ask you. I am currently knitting a bag that I want to line with either some cotton (how heavy?) or some unbleached muslin, can I get your thoughts on this?


  2. Cotton is fine, but I would choose muslin. Muslin is heavier and wears and washes really well.(Think makeup grind and such) But if you buy cotton, don't buy the cheap Walmart brand. You need a nice weighted one that has no sheer quality to it. When you knit a bag, if your lining fails you there is nothing left to hold the smaller contents inside. Also, sew around your lining seam twice 1/4 of an inch apart. That gives you a stronger seam.