Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Love

You talk about Amazing Grace
And in your life God has some place.
Singing “Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus”
Wearing a smile upon your face.

You do your part, teach Sunday School.
My precious young learn the “Golden Rule”.
You read about the glorious day -
My greatest triumph! the third day raised!

And though that all is very true.
(I did that for everyone of you.)
Love cost more than that for me,
I let man nail my limbs onto a tree.

You need to know that as I knelt
With sweats of blood, the fear I felt.
You need to know the pain endured -
Each flesh tearing blow, each iron filled belt.

You need to know the shame I felt
When in nakedness I was paraded out.
So that when you stop to look at your worst self
You KNOW that I’ve been in that same place too.

You need to know that through my pain
Forgiveness was still handed out.
To the thief who hung beside of me,
To the ones who mocked, and the ones who flee.

It’s not just the sweet you should talk about.
I defeated mans worst, I threw death out.
In my names sake, let me see you through.
That’s really what my love is all about.

CEJTM 09/2010

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