Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tremain Family Music

Instruction Studio

SO exciting!! I am now teaching piano lessons. I have 3 students starting this fall and one who has already started. I haven't even advertised yet :o) I am also now a Kindersigns instructor and can teach parents how to sign with babies and toddlers, and I'm coming up with a matching music based program from that curriculum for toddlers up to age 4....then they can graduate into piano lessons. I have studio policies written up and a catalog of books available to me and my students, I'm taking a basic accounting course to keep my books straight, and I'm ready to go.

I've been wanting to show off pictures of our new living space, so I will start with our STUDIO!! I have a sign from Vistaprint coming for the upper window of the front door. The only childrens play things in this room is a bag of blocks and our log cabin. No food allowed in this room!  (They have a great playroom in the basement I'll show off later)

 Front Door

Standing at the front door I took these pictures.....

Sitting at the desk chair......

The couch and TV will be perfect for having a few families of toddlers in for Music and Sign classes


  1. Yay! I love it. Now if I only lived closer to you, because I have a baby and toddler!! congrats to you!!


  2. 上來逛逛,既來之,打聲招呼,留言支持一下囉!祝你一切平安!........................................

  3. Are they still printing "A Dozen a Day"? I used that book as a kid (that's what the red book on the piano is, isn't it?)

  4. Yes, they still print that, I plan to use it too! It was so much more fun than my Hannon studies.

  5. Sooooooooo beautiful! Good for you!

  6. It's wonderful that you are teaching. What would you charge for piano lessons?

  7. Its just so beautiful.. I am taking up keyboard lessons now.. Had always love music but never had the chance to learn until now.. Could not afford piano so settle for keyboard.. ^_^