Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hooded Wrapped Poncho "recipe" Part 2

Embellish it!

There are so many ways you could decorate this wrap. The dollar store here has quite a variety of iron on or sew on sequins and embellishments and glass beads. But I raided my Grandma T's craft stash which I inherited and pulled out a skein of mauve wool yarn and a tatted dragonfly pin she had made and some vintage glass crystal buttons
Crochet Edging

Blanket stitch around the entire poncho, (every raw edge) with your yarn and darning needle. As you add new yarn and gain tails, leave the tails to tie in as you crochet later. I also blanket stitched around the neck to sew the raw edges of the hood and poncho together.  If I find my missing yarn, I would use this blanket stitch to attach the collar to.

Crochet Directions: with a size J hook
Starting at the point of the wrap, Single crochet along the curve of the wrap and around the entire bottom of the poncho. As you come to the place where the fronts and backs meet at the arm pit/elbow, single crochet decrease right in the corner.As you come to tails from your blanket stitch, work them into the single crochet stitch.
Row 2: ch 4 and skip first single crochet. *Double crochet in next single crochet st, ch 1, skip next single crochet* repeat from * all the way around, doing a double crochet decrease at the armpit/elbow. Finish to the point of the wrap end, ch3 and join to last single crochet.

DON'T TIE OFF if you want to use crochet as an embellishment such as mine.

ch 100 or more stitches, until you have a string long enough for you to play with and design on your wrap end. Tie off.

Lay the chains (ribbon or braid if you would rather) flat on your wrap end and design a pattern. Pin it into place as you go. Decide where you might add buttons or sequins or other embellishments as you pin. Sew the chain into place as you would ribbon and sew on your embellishments.

Pin your brooch at the front on your shoulder. Sew ribbon ties to the hood if you wish. And you're done! 

If there is ever a part 3 to this, it will be for the collar...(now to find that silly yarn!)

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