Monday, January 4, 2010

Mandolin Strap

Look what I made!! I love  this pattern ,a free Ravelry download ( or from her web site ), but it is too wide for my taste, so I used the first 4 rows of it and then improvised with my own directions:


1 skein Paton's Grace cotton
  (I  recently tried this pattern with Patons Classic Wool Marino with great results!)
1 sizeF crochet hook


First 4 rows are from a free pattern by Sarah Cooper (rav. name sarasaki) Rock A Bye Guitar Strap


Ch8, join with a slst to form a ring. (Check to see if it will fit over the knob to hang it later. If not, add
1 or rip 1 chain so it fits.)  Ch1, 14sc in the ring, join with a slst to the first sc. (14sc)

Row 1: Ch3, (counts as dc now and through out. Will refer to ch3 at the end of each row as a dc) dc in
the same sp as joining, ch2, 2dc in same sp as last dc. Ch3, turn. (2dc, ch2, 2dc made)

Row 2: 3dc, ch2, 3dc (Large Shell) in ch2 sp of prev. row, dc in last dc. Ch3 turn. (dc, Large Shell, dc

Row 3: 2dc, ch2, 5dc, ch2, 2dc all in the ch2 sp of the prev. row, dc in last dc. Ch3 turn. (2 ch2 sps, 2
groups of 2dc, and 1 group 5dc)

Row 4: 2dc, ch2, 2dc (shell) in the first ch2 sp, shell in the 3rd dc of the next 5dc group, shell in the last
ch2 sp, dc in the last dc. Ch3, turn. (3 shells made)

(Then start my adaption)
Ch1 more, dc first ch2 space. ch1, sc in between the two shells. ch1, slst to middle ch2 space. Ch1, sc in between the two shells, ch1 and dc in the next ch2 space. Triple crochet in last dc ch2

Next row: dc in all chains across for a total of 11 dc, ch2

* repeat dc for every row until desired length, (I made 36 dc rows before adding fillet cross, but I think I would go longer by about 4-5 more rows if/when I try again).

feel free to add a charted pattern 1/3 of the way from the end of the strap such as an initial or picture (see my example charts for ideas)

I made the cross pattern:

2 more rows of  dc right across (11dc)

Next Row: ch1, hdc, dc, 5tr crochet, dc, hdc, ch1
Next Row: ch1, slst 2st loosely. ch1, 4sc, ch1 turn work

* make 4 more rows of sc (5 in each row)

ch40 and attach chain string to the first sc of the last row.  End off and tie in ends

I ironed the strap to lay flat and straight, and then sprayed one side of the strap with a spray on clear coat lacquer. This let the strap keep it's shape, lessened the amount of stretch when attached to the instrument and left the other side still soft to the touch and the entire strap pliable.

Another option is to line the back with fabric.

Attach to your instrument by sliding the chain loop around the neck of the instrument, under the strings and then thread the entire strap through the loop.  Button the beginning circle onto your post at the bottom of the instrument and  you're ready to play!

You could continue on making a longer strap from rows of 5 sc and end off.  Loop a chain of 40 through two D rings or an adjustable 3 prong snap (You know...from fanny packs) and then thread you 5sc strap through the loops.

This is a good idea if you are making the strap for a friend, and you don't know what length to make it.

The advantage of the three prog strap, it that you can open the snap to take your guitar off, avoiding the arm raising acrobaticks it normally takes! (which means for lady players, you won't muss your hair!)