Monday, September 7, 2009

Proud Moment

Today we took a crazy thought and biked with it! As a youth I biked...ALOT. Usually it was to keep my mom happy as I followed my brother out crazy distances (we are talking towns away from home) to keep her from worrying about him being by himself. But quite frankly, since having children I am out of shape. But I miss my biking days and today was such a nice sunny yet cool day, I talked DH into biking out to Hibou Park where there is a pleasant beach on Georgian Bay. I had our youngest son on a front load carrier, DH had middle son in a bike trailer with all our beach stuff and Dearest Daughter BIKED THE ENTIRE WAY THERE AND BACK!!!
She is just 7 and has never been madam energy, and I worried about her ability to keep up. It is 8.2 km ONE WAY. Some of the way is on 2 lane highway roads and some of it railway line bike trails. But she was awesome!
We had a wonderful time at the beach, sat out on the rocks in the water and learned ASL alphabet and had fun burying the children in the sand. The trip back was pleasant with a cool breeze that blew a our backs. And we ended the afternoon with Popsicles. It will be a day to remember!

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