Friday, June 5, 2009

Little House in the Big Woods

Besides nature journals we are also following along with a group on Ravelry doing the Little House on the Prairie series. Here's what we did this week

For week One we read Chapter One of Little House in the Big Woods.

Here are our activities we could choose from

1 Go on a nature walk and collect sticks and other natural items (you will want a lot of sticks as they will go with another activity this week!) Done!

2. Use your sticks and natural items that you gathered on your walk (or rolled up brown paper) to create a miniature “Little House” Done!

3. Make Jerky Also suggested was dried apples or fruit leather

4. Make Johnnycakes (HEY, THESE ARE GLUTEN FREE!) using this recipe:
1 cup of cornmeal
1 teaspoon each sugar and salt
1 1/4 cups water, creating a thick batter.
If you want your johnny cake thinner, add one half cup water or milk for a more rich flavor. Drop the batter onto a buttered or greased griddle (Laura used bacon grease!), fry until pale brown, and flip to cook the other side. Serve the johnny cake warm with toppings of choice; butter and maple syrup are common, although jam and savory spreads can be used as well.

5.Make a rag-doll using this pattern. We will be making more things for our dolls (both male and female depending on which doll you want to have), so please make this if you can! Don’t forget to hand-sew and use recycled fabrics if possible. Done!

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